Main Street in the Springs!

The latest issue of Spree Magazine - March 2007 is out. Quickly noticed über good-guy Barry Muskat's article - An Architect's Loft - about the loft conversion at 1718 Main Street [google map].

photos from Jim Bush
As part of a rich inventory of available housing stock, Buffalo still has a wealth of empty commercial buildings. Many are not necessarily located in traditional residential neighborhoods. But in a town that is experiencing a substantial upturn in development, their locations are looking better and better. These properties are ripe for imaginative, inventive, and intriguing housing solutions. read the rest...
This morning I snapped this exterior pic. And a quick check of City records seems to indicate that current owners purchased this building for 50K at the City's tax sale back in 2001. Way cool. Thought I knew what was happening in my neighborhood. I totally missed this. Thanks Barry!
Picture 450
You'll never believe what you see out the front windows of this loft. One of Main Street's coolest single family homes - here and here - right across the street!
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Anonymous said...

This is something I'd like to do. Seems like the ownes made the most of a good deal (50k). And you weren't exaggerating about the cool house. It's awesome (time to remove the Christmas decorations, however).

Anonymous said...

it is the younger people with brains, talent and creativity who will be the saviors of buffalo.
what a wonderful accomplishment for these owners!!!

Anonymous said...

Or you could check out Buffalo Rising which had this story..oh I don't know...about a 100 years ago.