Nailing Albany

The Artvoice crew and Mark Sommer from the Buffalo News are doing an extraordinary job keeping JER Services and New York State's own MBBA in the local spotlight. From the latest issue of Artvoice, comes the continuing story of PUSH Buffalo and the damage caused by the City of Buffalo flipping 1500 properties to the MBBA. Make sure to check out Mark's BN article... for additional details.
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Check out Geoff Kelly's Artvoice cover story earlier this year about the problems confronting inner-city neighborhoods that were created by this scheme.

I've taken the 1499 properties that JER Services manages and placed them on a "social spread sheet" via Editgrid, a free web 2.0 application. Here's the link. It works like any website. You can view the list, search by street and share it with others.

After searching the site for houses in your neighborhood, let me know. Send me the pics and I'll post them here. Great stencil guys! Let's get one made up for Byron!
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I would love to get some stuff made up for Byron. PUSH has reached out quite a bit to the Brown administration on the MBBA topic with little to show for it.

If they don't want to go out fight for struggling nieghborhoods as though they were a priority then the Brown administration should be held accountable.

Me thinks I smell a kiester on the hot seat.