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This is a meticulously maintained two family house. It's been owner occupied and is now available for $19,900 - it's directly across the street from future home of Performing Arts High School. It's a 3/3 double and is surrounded by two houses that are on my demo-list! The rear yard is fenced in and the senior who just moved out has kept this house in perfect condition. 1400 sq. feet up and down! Full attic and basement. Clean...nothing fancy or architecturally redeeming about the place...solid!
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15 of the 23 buildings that I've identified as demo candidates have come down in the last 18 months. They are all with in a two block area surrounding the future Performing Arts High School. Here's the list. No driveway, but you'll have first dibs on the soon to be vacant lot, next door! Here's my demo map! Give it a year and the two houses next door will be history. No car? It's just two blocks from the subway and steps away to the bus...

This won't last. It's as close to being perfect as you can get. If you are looking for an affordable home - $19,900 - or an excellent rental, this won't last long! E-mail me for addtional details or a neighborhood tour. Call the international bank of mom & dad if you have to...When the school is complete and a few more houses are wasted...you'll be able to double your money on this one in five years.

btw...if you plan to slum this place, don't bother. I'll be up and down and all over your case! Promise. Weekly pictures here and of your other Buffalo properties, too! Consider yourself warned!

update...8/2/06...just heard that this house sold! List to sell, less than three weeks!
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Anonymous said...

"you'll have first dibs on the soon to be vacant lot"

How does that work? Just wondering :)


fixBuffalo said...

I'll help you negotiate the mine field of buying real property - vacant lot - from the City. The lot is too small to build a new house on...so it stays vacant and being the owner next door you have an interest in the now vacant lot...that's all.

Anonymous said...

I love the way the city has essentially outlawed itself, by not allowing new buildings on the same size lots as the old buildings. Zoning / codes to insure a New Cheektowaga in the City! :(