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When I first walked over to Coe Place 10 years ago to visit another 'urban pioneer'...I was amazed. 15 houses all right there, literally on the sidewalk. My friend has moved away but Coe Place remains with out a doubt one of the coolest streets in Buffalo. Meanwhile the City has re-done the sidewalks and curbs and just re-paved the street. It used to be bricklined pedestrian path...and may be again soon...
Coe Place - buffalo, ny
Coe Place is adjacent to the new Artspace development scheduled to break ground in a few months. And readers of this blog have been keeping track of Artspace developments in the Artspace Archive.

Recently Ryan Pierce from Polis Realty contacted me about his latest listings and they just happen to be right here on Coe Place. I know, the smell of gentrification here on the City's near East-Side is finally in the air. Reach Ryan at 881-1200 (o) or 982-6811 (c) the asking prices are amazing...get in touch with Ryan for details. The house on the right in a few of pics with a funny shaped dome is 19 Coe Place. It sold at the recent City Auction for $3K...
DSCN2097 DSCN2099
DSCN2100 DSCN2102
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Here a few additional images of Coe Place that I grabbed the other day.
DSCN2107 DSCN2133 DSCN2105
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Here's the map in case you still don't know where Coe Place is...these pics are just around the corner and with in one block from the east end of Coe Place.
DSCN2124 DSCN2069 1042 Ellicott -
DSCN2130 DSCN1869 Where is this? --- 1074 Ellicott Street
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Chris Hawley has spent a good part of the summer preparing a plan for the revitalization of the immediate neighborhood surrounding Artspace and Coe Place. I hope to have that plan available here in .pdf format soon. Chris's recent comments over at BuffaloRising about related issues dealing with positive economic development here on the near East Side shouldn't be missed.
Who thought the newly christened Midtown would be home to a 55-unit artist loft project? Now watch. The city is engaged in a planning process to re-do Coe Place in brick in a distinctive diagonal herringbone pattern. It will be the Little Summer Street of the East Side soon enough, with its quaint Queen Annes dating to 1890 and 1891. If the city follows through, a landscaped mini-traffic circle will be installed on the corner of Northampton and Ellicott streets. Commercial buildings, including the former Homer Tarbell livery stable on Riley Street and the old Joseph Denzel's Tavern on the corner of Michigan and Riley, could be receiving new investment as corner stores or gallery space.
More about the totally unique history of Coe Place, soon. Yesterday I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with the librarian at UB's School of Architecture and Planning. The library there is about the coolest place. It's in the first floor of Hayes Hall. Dorothy pointed me in the direction of a Master's thesis completed by a recent Urban Planning grad that details the history of Coe Place and presents a viable plan to turn the street into a pedestrian zone. Details soon...

Meanwhile does anyone know where this pedestrian zone model is in place, here on the City's near East-Side? Let me know...I've got the pics!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great post. That is a very lovely street with tremendous potential. Most people do not realize that this part of the east side has housing every bit as significant and charming as anything in the Elmwood district. Many years ago there was little difference between the neighborhoods.

As far as ped malls I would say that you might be thinking of St, Paul street. I think the houses were remodeled oon a unified theme back in the 70's. The street was landscapes for limited access. As far as I know all the houses are still intact in good condition.

Just goes to prove that it just takes investment!

fixBuffalo said...

You got it...St. Paul's Mall. Got the pics and will be posting about it soon...