Heading Towards Elmwood...

While heading over to my favorite Elmwood Avenue coffee shop the other day I stopped here on West Utica to take a look at this house, located at 225 West Utica.
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I had the opportunity to talk with a neighbor, Carl, who used to own property on one of Buffalo's most blighted streets, Loepere. He agreed with me that the "urban prairie" is way out of control. It's taken three years to get this property on the demo list, as the owner passed away and the only surviving family member can't make legal decisions. Ask Michele Johnson - Housing Activist, who's on Loepere Street at least once a week checking on abandonded property in Common Council President and presumed Fillmore Avenue resident David Franczyck's backyard. She deals with f***-up property just like this one at 225 West Utica every single day. It takes forever to get action as surviving family members have long sinced moved away or are ashamed of the property's condition and don't want to be found. This ususally means they don't want to pay for the demolition.

So, guess who pays the 10-12K for the demolition?

For more about the ever increasingly larger "urban prairie" follow this link, which just happens to show the wrecked devestation of our "built environment" and tax-base along Utica...at Jefferson and Elmwood. Great pics if you haven't checked them out yet.

Guess it's not just an East-Side thing anymore...
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Anonymous said...

Sadly people who live in other neighborhoods know of loeperes reputation so they steer clear,9 Loepere St houses have been flipped on Ebay in 2005 and will continue to be flipped because nobody locally will buy them,Dis investment in the Fillmore district has speeded its demise!No matter what anoyne says the East Side has been redlined for almost 20 yrs!