Property of the Weak... #3
This house is located at 905 Humboldt Parkway (check that google satellite image!) According to City Hall, Annie Harden is the owner of record. (Seems like the bank forgot to transfer the deed...go figure.) It's a 2/2/2 three family house and it's currently assessed at $39,900.00. According to neighbors its been looking like this for years.

Any takers? The house appears to be in good structural condition.
905 Humboldt Parkway
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May 16, 2005
Had a conversation with one of Buffalo's most innovative realtors this afternoon,
JM Reed from Polis Realty.
He has keys to the place and would be very interested in helping
a serious buyer with the purchase of this totally cool property.
JM Reed can be reached at 716-881-1200
or jmreed@polisrealty.com
Just to the right of this property you'll see this Carriage House. Pretty cool for the 'hood. You'll also see this sign posted on the door of 905. National Home Marketing Solutions is a property and asset management company that specializes in HUD properties. They are located in Georgia.
Contact Information 905 Humboldt Parkway Garage - next door
I've archived the Other Property of the Weak for your review!

Follow up...Weak #1

The house at 2 Girard is still available for the adventurous urban pioneer. Here are some current pics. It's located on the other side of Humboldt Parkway from 905. The basement is now wide open, so it will probably need all new plumbing, fixtures and I imagine the heating system has been stripped by this time, too. Something tells me that this property will be demolished by this time next year. Wanna bet?
DSCN1342 DSCN1347 DSCN1339 DSCN1343
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Anonymous said...


I'm very happy to see someone like yourself being so motivated to stand up and try to change their city.I'll be in buffalo in a week or so..let me know of any contractors or realtors who can help me in renovating costs and renting market analysis in that area. I do own a couple places there and would like to get going on renovating them and get them in a rentable shape, I appreciate your time,effort and help,


Joseph G.