Google Crack!
Google Crack
I'm hooked. Just can't get enough. While getting my daily fix over here at Google Maps Mania, I stumbled on this cool Google hack called Google Maps Wallpaper. Here, all you do is "cut 'n paste" a url from Google Maps and you are off and running.

I selected three Google satellite images of Buffalo. These two images compare life along Utica. The first one centered on Utica & Elmwood and the other one is centered a few blocks away on Utica & Jefferson intersection. It's an older image cause the new suburban style Tops Market doesn't show up. What you can see is the ever increasingly larger "urban prairie," where houses are being replaced by vacant lots.
Life Along Utica
West Utica & Elmwood Utica Jefferson
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Google Sightseeing is totally amazing.
Downtown Buffalo
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