New Schools & Vacant Houses...

We learned yesterday that The Mayor and City Planner Timothy Wanamaker approved an order to demolish 242 Koons Avenue which sits 50 feet away from the new Emerson School. Michele Johnson's work was featured in this Buffalo News story yesterday that I archived. As you can see the 242 Koons was demolished this morning. While this is good news, there are so many unanswered questions here that demonstrate just how broken our system is.

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  1. Why did it take housing activists to get this demo done? Despite the fact that Mayor's and Wannaker's "Livable Communities Initiative"(July 2004) call for prompt and monthly monitoring of such properties.
  2. Will the city actually collect the $7800.00 it just paid in demo costs?
  3. How far will Housing Court Judge Nowak be willing go to get owners Hamilton and Lidia Woods to acutally reimburse the city?
  4. How long will it take the city to remediate it's own property just 500 feet away from the same school?
Meanwhile telephone calls to the owners of 242 Koons Avenue, Hamilton and Lidia Woods, 3070 Hoover Street Redwood City California, go unreturned. Their phone number is 650-367-7784 in case you would like to leave a message. Here's the full story.
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