Additional Pictures...

Recently Craig Clarke and I did some exploring. We had the unexpected opportunity to visit and tour the former J. N. Adam TB Hospital in Perrysburg, NY.

Here are Craig's pictures.

This is the site that Perrysburg Town Supervisor Myrton Sprague would like Tom Trathen of The Trathen Group to buy. He's been working on the deal for years. Seems like everyone except Common Council President David Franczyk would like this deal to be succeed. I've written about this a few times.

Last weekend Craig and I had ventured out once more and had the opportunity to visit David Franczyk's Fillmore District. I've written about this place, too. The Wollenberg Grain Elevator was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2003. Currently there is no admission price. A couple of the pictures clearly show that the Wollenberg Grain Elevator's residents probably have a pretty good claim that could be filed with the Erie County Health Dept. Bring a flashlight and watch your step...cool views.

Here are Craig's pictures.

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