@CNU22 - pics

Last week I received a press pass and attended CNU22 and had access to all the sessions. I met some of the most sophisticated people who'd travelled globally to participate in a dialog about city life. The NextGen events that often ran in parallel to the main conference were free, open to the public and were wildly successful. The NextGen events bypassed the local CNU organizing committee and were included in the full conference schedule.

IMG 5094

During the first day I regret not recording Urbanism 101, Andrés Duany's primer on New Urbanism's past, present and future. I was told by many that this was his best performance, ever. That dialog extended to McCarthey's over a few rounds at the end of the second day, here. The NextGen event sponsored by the Campaign for Greater Buffalo at Silo City that night was shared by 1000+ people.

IMG 5575

Additional pics of various CNU22 and NextGen events are available here as a slide show via my photo site and they're ready for sharing and tagging on the fixBuffalo Facebook page, here.


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