Seeing Buffalo - Week #17

Here's a look back at some of the places I've seen this past week.   If you're not familiar with the locations you can see them on the flickr map next to each photo. In some cases I've provided a description of the place or links to additional information. 


To see the individual photos and related maps, follow this link or you can view the series as a slide showThe weekly series is archived at Seeing Buffalo.


Anonymous said...

Who actualy owns this building?It has sat this way for a very long time.Now the boarded up windows are gone.If nobody is going to use it why not make the owner demolish it.All the houses around it are either burned out or vacant.There is no vision or plan for that poor neighborhood.Time to clean house!

Resurrect Buffalo said...

I was surprised to learn that Wildroot and Brylcreem are still manufactured which is amazing considering this is the greasy shit your father or, in some cases, your grandfather slopped onto their heads to control their unruly hair, much like styling gel is used today.

God only knows who still uses this product assuming it has not changed since the 1950’s.

My father used Vaseline which arrived into a room about ten-minutes before he did and that is still manufactured too – Yikes!

I agree, the last owner of a (commercial) building should be held responsible and, if the corporation is defunct, there should be some form of legal ties for the building to be demolished or permanently mothballs (abated, remediated and the roof inspected and repaired every five-ten years).