Seeing Buffalo - Week #15

Here's a look back at some of the places I've seen this past week.   If you're not familiar with the locations you can see them on the flickr map next to each photo. In some cases I've provided a description of the place or links to additional information.


To see the individual photos and related maps, follow this link or you can view the series as a slide showThe weekly series is archived at Seeing Buffalo.


Resurrect Buffalo said...

I totally enjoy these slide shows from the various architectural styles to the unique uses that many of these buildings have been transformed into over the course of 100-years.

However, the sad fact remains that these buildings have all become victims of urban blight as they are located in less than desirable locations.

It is a shame that we cannot look beyond the dirt, grim and deferred maintenance and see the potential of resurrecting these buildings for the next 100-years as many, if not most, of our modern day structures will not survive their first 100-years and will never acquire the charm and uniqueness that is displayed in these buildings shown here.

So, what is the answer – is there an answer?

Anonymous said...

See: previous post on the new zoning code.

Resurrect Buffalo said...

I was “green” long before it became a buzz word and the proposed green codes will not assist the current blight problem no matter how optimistic you may be on this topic.

Landbanking is the only solution