Seeing Buffalo - Week #6

Here's a look back at some of the places I've seen this past week.   If you're not familiar with the locations you can see them on the flickr map next to each photo. In some cases I've provided a description of the place or links to additional information. 
To see the individual photos and related maps, follow this link or you can view the series as a slide show

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Resurrect Buffalo said...

I am not altogether too sure about your intentions of documenting every derelict building in and a around the City of Buffalo as many of the residential homes are beyond repair and often located in totally undesirable locations.

As for the commercial buildings, my first thought is: “what may have been manufactured in the building and was it toxic?” If so, you and I know damn well, the building may be unsafe for rehabilitation.

I have, however, speculated on you publishing a book on Buffalo’s urban decay as you certainly have accumulated enough photographs of some very architecturally interesting buildings.

One of these most recent resemble a former firehouse.

I like the firehouse located on Kehr & Winslow Street but would never consider moving into this location.