Part II: Ellicott District Demolitions

Last week I posted a google map pin-pointing the 68 demolitions slated for the City's Ellicott District - The Bulldozer's Newest Map.  Most of these are residential properties and three of the City's heritage buildings are being readied for the landfill.  That short list includes: School #75 on Howard Street, Sacred Heart Church on Emslie and related parish buildings.  The City's oldest synagogue (and designated local landmark by the City's Preservation Board) at 407 Jefferson Avenue is also threatened with a demolition order.
The comment stream around a number of the West Side properties on that list is growing.  In case you missed it, Chicago based architect David Steel wrote about the proposed demolition of Sacred Heart at 198 Emslie in Wrecking Buffalo: Garbage, Buffalo Style
Local preservationist and Buffalo Rising writer Mike Puma surveyed the entire list of 68 properties and has recently reported his findings in this Buffalo Rising post.  The complete set of photographs for the City's newest landfill candidates is available in Mike's flickr series

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Chris said...

School 75 will demolished over my dead body.