94 Northampton - Bound for the Landfill

An arsonist torched 94 Northampton early Monday morning, one of Midtown Buffalo's most significant city-owned heritage residences.  Two days later a $26.8K emergency demolition contract razed the building, sending yet another East Side treasure to the landfill.
94 northampton-4384
94 Northampton - Wednesday late afternoon  
fixBuffalo readers may remember that Commissioner Jim Comerford from the City of Buffalo Department of Permits & Inspections removed 94 Northampton from the demolition list in April 2010 - story heregranting this city-owned gem a renewed lease on life.  John Hannon, Director of the city's Division of Real Estate then placed this amazing 3 family residence on the homestead eligible list - $1 house.  City Hall cooperated. 
94 northampton-4360 
94 Northampton - Wednesday early afternoon
The first ten minutes of Wednesday afternoon's demolition.

During an early 2007 neighborhood walking tour, I was handed a photograph of 94 Northampton, dated 1906.  The person joining the tour that morning indicated that her grandmother is the woman sitting on the porch.  With the recent success of the nearby Packard and ArtSpace developments on Main Street, private investment in the immediate neighborhood has been revived and a number of large single and two family houses have been restored along the two block stretch of Northampton between Main and Michigan. 
Here's what 94 looked like, back in the day.
94 Northampton Avenue - Buffalo, 
94 Northampton - c. 1906
There are dozens of well-maintained houses in the neighborhood, including 82 Northampton, next door. All of these houses can be found within a block of 94 Northampton. By any measure the collection of 19th century architecture in this neighborhood would qualify as an historic district. Near by, 38 Northampton was the first house on the street to sell after Artspace announced plans in early 2006 to locate in the neighborhood.
One block to the North... One block to the North... IMG_0720 IMG_0735 IMG_0789
After numerous showings, no one was prepared to step-up and take on this project.  With the reinvestment in St. Vincent's, a short block away on Ellicott Street, my optimism grew and I was convinced that time was on 94 Northampton's side. 
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    Anonymous said...

    Hi David,

    I went by today i'm very heartbroken seeing the house gone.

    What do you know about 11 Holland? Is that one available?


    Anonymous said...

    $27k to demo! Imagine if the City offered grants to homesteaders...sell for a dollar and give them $10k to be spent on repairs with the understanding they live in the home for 10 years.

    fix buffalo said...


    11 Holland is still available, it's homestead eligible, for $1. It appears to be in good structural condition - if you'd like to pursue this, please let me know. I can help negotiate the maze at City Hall.

    Talk soon,


    Anonymous said...

    Yes When can we meet at City Hall ? Friday at noon ? Joyce.

    arrielle_p said...

    Why did they demolish the house? Is there a new update on this?

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    stephenjames716 said...

    27k to demo?! Why couldn't the city give half that amount to a non-profit or individual that would use that money to renovate the house?! So sad.

    Jackie said...


    Adam said...

    Wow! That's just an amazing tragedy. Looking at that historic picture you posted makes me quite sad. Hearing about the money that was spent to take it down makes it even worse.

    Marlon said...

    This breaks my heart. I lived in this house in the late 80's. I spent 6 years of my life rehabing it. I can truly say I left my blood, sweat and tears in this house.

    Buffalo Florist said...

    What is going on! Oh my. That is a lot to just take the place down.

    Anonymous said...

    Did Joyce buy 11 Holland?