City Honors - June 2009 Update

I spoke with the crane operator on Monday afternoon and learned that the structural steel for the new 'all high' gymnasium will be delivered to the site on Tuesday, on schedule. The natatorium recently received a roof and the sides are now wrapped in plywood.
Hamilton Houston and Lownie, the Buffalo based architectural firm heading up this project, recently placed a sign on the fence. HHL took the lead two years ago at Artpace, a few blocks away.
I spotted this west elevation on HHL's site this evening. It's the view across the new playing field and Michigan Avenue which is also the school building's historic front entrance.

Check out the City Honors archive for additional information and pics.
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Ike said...

typo...unless we're going back in time 3 years

fix buffalo said...


Thanks. Fixed and totally missed that 2006 date!