Our Urban Prairie

North of Sycamore on Sherman Street, today.
See Prairie Pics for additional views.
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Crisa said...

Oh! Here you are!

I think of such landscapes as the future PrairiesEast! And Buffalo, NY one day being PrairiesWest, NY--in the "grand scheme of things", where the heck DOES Buffalo fit?

I love to look through pictures at your flicker account.

The memories come pouring in, but, I do not want to start yet another account at your flicker so, I am commenting over here instead.

I didn't note the number of the Willoughby sign but, are you old enough to remember the ad "Willoughby will when nobody will"?


Your picture IMG_1149, The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., is where my husband's dad used to work! My husband can't remember where it was or still is located though--Bailey Avenue?

(It's not that he is too old to remember; he was too young at the time. Yea. That's it. We were BOTH too young!)


I think the A&P supermarkets, which originated from that warehouse, (and also Loblaw's, wherever they originated), were the first SUPERmarkets that displaced neighborhood Mom & Pop corner stores.

But which came first, the A&P or, as little kids of the time pronounced it, "Bloblaw"?

I remember that adults who didn't own those front-end wind-up cars loved the emerging supers while others, carless or not, hated losing the convenience and cozy familiarity of the corner M&Ps.