City Houses for Sale...

I picked up the latest catalog of city owned property from the Division of Real Estate this week. It's tucked away on the 9th floor of city hall and Jay Lynch is the Marketing Manager. He can be reached at 851-6541.

Here in this little corner of Masten readers of this blog know that my primary concern are the Woodlawn Row Houses which have been city owned for over two years. There are two other properties the city is feebly attempting to market here in this neighborhood, too. Remember both of these houses are located a block away from the new home of Performing Arts High School.
  • The first is located at 125 Verplanck. Here's the city's official property description. Look at the assement!
  • The second is located at 82 Waverly. Here's the city's official property description. Now, I'm not a real estate agent or lawyer, but something's not right when you compare the two assesments for these two properties.

125 Verplanck.... 82 Waverly

Of course just driving buy you would have no idea that the property is city owned or for that matter that these two properties are for sale. No signs...duh! And no links on the city's website to this sort of surplus property. Very simple no cost marketing strategies...and so it goes...

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