Saving our Streets: Say NO to General Mills

The City of Buffalo is preparing to give General Mills lower Michigan Avenue. At 2pm this afternoon there's a perfunctory public hearing prior to the General Mills take over of a very important public asset and a street that provides direct access to Buffalo's historic waterfront.

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Here's the current proposal the City of Buffalo is considering. This is wrong on a number of levels. 

Last December Lee A. Anderson, Director of State and Local Government Relations for General Mills was asked by Council President Darius Pridgen whether General Mills, the global food giant and maker of Cheerios, would leave Buffalo if this take-over proposal did NOT happen. Here's that two minute exchange and a formal statement by General Mills that they will NOT move if they don't get their way.

During last year's public hearing Daniel Sack, Campaign for Greater Buffalo board member and Dana Saylor, artist and founder of City of Night spoke out against this same proposal. Here's an incredibly informed and passionate statement about everything that is wrong with this corporate take over.  

Please inform friends in your networks about this meeting and why it's important to stop General Mills.

Update  1:55 pm - The Campaign for Greater Buffalo has issued the following statement regarding the proposed corporate take over of lower Michigan Avenue. 


Diana Augspurger said...

The city consistently revisits plans to rebuild the Michigan St. bridge which spanned the Buffalo River and connected the city to the waterfront. If I were General Mills, I wouldn't want that either. No wonder they want control. I would too. We can keep control if we stop threatening their operations by proposing to develop public access right underneath their nose. There are other ways and means to access Fuhrmann Blvd further down by the sand dunes.

Buffalo Rsurrection said...

I would be so happy that General Mills is NOT closing the Buffalo facility, as opposed to the one in California, that I would give the damn street to them!

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Unknown said...

I totally agree with you Buffalo Rsurrection. General Mills is part of Buffalo City and its employees contribute to the city's economy.

I will continue to follow the issue and all the issues related to Buffalo City through my blog

Thank you

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