My weekly fix - week #2

Another dose of urbanity...

Exactly what the City of Detroit is doing with abandoned houses and "blight" is the subject of a feature length article in today's New York Times. Detroit Urged to Tear Down 40,000 buildings has an interactive map showing the extent of the problem and is based on a house-to-house and block-by-block survey. This is the sort of intelligent planning that needs to be accomplished in other cities including Buffalo.

Speaking of mapping, this amazing site is starting to get some traction in the Queen City. Why Don't we Own This - Buffalo is based on the technology used in Detroit for some of the intelligent social networking and mapping that's informed that city's inrem tax foreclosure and property auctions. It's a service provided by Loveland Technologies.

via Copenhaganize there's a new graphic depicting how we can visualize street improvements and in turn make them bicycle and pedestrian friendly. The post includes a link to Mikael Colville-Anderson's Tedx Zurich talk on traffic safety and Bicycle culture, here. It's riveting, especially if you have two wheels.

Alexander Remnev has taken selfies from the tippy-top of some of the world's tallest buildings. Boston.com has the scoop about his recent vacation venture in Dubai. Simply jaw dropping vistas.

Artfarms is set to open its first installation at the MichiganRiley Urban Farm. The public sculptural work of local artist Michael Beitz will be unveiled this Saturday between 1-5pm. Brooklyn-based architect David LagĂ© is the driving force behind Artfarms. Buffalo News art writer Colin Dabowski's is already covering this, here.

Finally, Brussels Express (2012) is a short film available for free via Vimeo. It's a meditation on Bicycle cultural in one of Europe's most congested cities and is sure to prompt debate about the role of car culture in cities that remain overly reliant on cars.

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