Bethlehem Steel North Office Building - Part IV

Lackawanna Mayor Geoffrey Szymanski will now seek a one week adjournment in the case involving the  Bethlehem Steel Administration Building, according to Common Council President Hank Pirowski, who called today. Judge Kenneth Case hears the matter tomorrow morning at 10 am in Erie County Supreme Court. The adjournment will give both sides additional time to agree on the specific language for a longer stay providing Gateway Corporation additional time to explore its alternatives.

Bethlehem Steel Administration Building - Lackawanna, NY

According to Pirowski, the City of Lackawanna is willing to give adaptive reuse a second look. As early as yesterday, the Mayor's position was unwavering: seek immediate demolition.

The Lackawanna Industrial Heritage Group has been working closely with attorney William Magavern, preservation consultant Jason Yots, and the building's owner to find alternatives to demolition. The fate of the Bethlehem Steel Administration Building was to be decided on Wednseday morning in Judge Case's court. There's hope for Old North.

Letters of support from Preservation Buffalo Niagara and William Magavern were sent to Judge Case.  
Stay tuned.

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