Bethlehem Steel North Office Building ReUse - Part I

Darren Cotten graduated with a Masters in Urban Planning last week from the University at Buffalo.   He sent me his thesis project earlier today:  Heritage Tourism: In a Post-Industrial City (PDF).   Darren's work speaks directly to the potential reuse of the Bethlehem Steel North Office building.  Take a few moments to download, read and learn more about the value of this truly unique building that may be days away from the landfill.

Screen shot 2012-05-19 at 10.23.34 PM

I've been working with Darren for the past few months on the City's near East Side.  He's filed a Homesteading application with the City's Division of Real Estate and intends to make a City-owned residential property, one that was slated for demolition last November, his home.   Darren is also the founder of the University Heights Tool Library.   

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