Code Green: City releases zoning technical report

The Mayor's Office of Strategic Planning released A New Zoning Direction for Buffalo: Technical Report (download PDF here) late yesterday. The report outlines the City's proposed approach to overhauling its zoning ordinance, a use-based or "Euclidean" code that dates to 1953.


A new Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) will replace the existing zoning and subdivision ordinances and all 46 urban renewal plans in their entirety. This second phase of the Buffalo Green Code will be form-based, with a strong emphasis on traditional urbanism and walkable, mixed-use development. Buffalonians, especially on the East Side, will be encouraged to know the UDO will remove regulatory barriers to the reuse of vacant land and structures. Read the report. Show up at the public forum on Tuesday, April 10, 6:15 pm, at ECC City Campus. This project will revolutionize Buffalo, so be there or be square.

Download the 4-page policy brief here and the Technical Report here. See you Tuesday.

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James Kistner said...

Form based, what about home rule? This is a fancy process for what are essentially overlays. These 'forms' will not withstand a legal challenge.
Jim Kistner CP., M.U.P.

Raymond B. said...

Jim, what are you talking about? Form-based codes are in practice across New York State. From what I understand, this project does not involve overlays onto the current code; it is a complete code rewrite. And home rule has nothing to do with it.

In any event, this coding approach rocks. I hope things turn out as planned!

Anonymous said...

Can this be recorded please?
Have to be at work at that time.
Hope all goes well!!
Let's Go Buffalo!!