Code Green - What's next for the East Side?

The time to determine the future of the East Side is now. Well, it’s actually between February 28 and March 5, when the City of Buffalo is hosting a series of neighborhood workshops to get the public’s input on what will be the first detailed land use plan assembled in Buffalo since 1977.
Kehr Street, looking North
Why is this important? Mayor Bryon W. Brown is undertaking one of the most significant planning projects in over a generation, putting into place master plans for the development of every neighborhood and an entirely new, green zoning code (the first since 1951) that will give these plans “teeth.” The Mayor has dubbed the initiative the Buffalo Green Code
The upcoming neighborhood workshops will be the foundation for shaping the City’s long-term strategy on nearly any issue that touches “land use,” a catch phrase that includes everything from urban design, transportation, public space, renewable energy, to economic development.
What do you want to see for Buffalo’s East Side? Employment sites in job-strapped neighborhoods? Cleaned up brownfields? Restored landmarks? Parks in place of vacant lots? More healthy food options? Land banking? Want to stamp out the dreaded Vinyl Victorian once and for all? Want a boulevard in place of the Kensington?
Whatever your priorities are, they become part of the plan only if you show up and speak your mind. There are nine neighborhood workshops in all. Learn more about them here. The core East Side neighborhoods are covered in three of these workshops listed here:
Ellicott (Old First Ward, The Valley, Hydraulics/Larkin District, Lower East Side)
Wednesday, March 2, 6:30 - 9:00pm
Montessori School, 342 Clinton St. 
Masten (Midtown, Fruit Belt, Masten Park, Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Schiller Park, Cold Springs/Midtown, MLK Park, Delavan/Grider, Hamlin Park)
Saturday, March 5, 9:00 - 11:30am
East High School, 820 Northampton St. 
East (Broadway/Fillmore, Lovejoy, Kaisertown, Seneca/Babcock, Little Hollywood, Clinton/Bailey)
Saturday, March 5, 1:00 - 3:30 pm
Col. Matt Urban Center, 1081 Broadway St.
For additional information check out last April's Green Code press conference - pics and podcast - here
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Great blog. I hope you can help lead us to real change in this city. Buffalo can be a great city again if our elected officials are up to the challenge.

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