The (new) Hydraulics Press

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The story teller of Buffalo's oldest industrial neighborhood has a new blog - the hydraulics, has changed names and is now - The Hydraulics Press. This just in from Chris Hawley:
A new year, a new face for the Hydraulics blog! The new, rebranded Hydraulics Press represents the evolution of the blog as a medium for news and stories about Buffalo's earliest industrial district, the Hydraulics.

2010 promises some pretty amazing developments in the neighborhood - some ongoing, some yet to be announced. It was time, now more than year after the blog's founding, to tweak the brand of the site and switch up its mission. The Hydraulics Press, at www.Hydraulicspress.com, reflects the evolving orientation of the site as a news source and periodical on the neighborhood, now no longer merely confined to archival histories. It also represents a pithy play on words - it sounds like a newspaper, such as the Grand Rapids Press, and its name derives from the term "hydraulic press," the hydraulic mechanism for applying a large lifting or compressive force, the water-based equivalent of a mechanical lever. Creative, eh? I thought so!

I'm excited about the continuing contribution the site will play in telling the ongoing story of the Hydraulics. Here's to a new decade, and to the new Hydraulics Press!
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