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See Shooting Buffalo for more about this series and my flickr for additional pics of Buffalo, NY. I'm collecting this daily series of pics - here.
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Anonymous said...

Where is this structure located?

By the way, I'm glad you're keeping up this website with all the photos. Great job.

fixBuffalo said...

This fabulous spot is located on Genesee Street.

I'll be going through the series and adding location and site history to all the pics. I've started this in spots and you can access this by clicking the pic and looping into the flickr series - shooting buffalo.

Meg said...

I wish this place was still open. haha, I can imagine all the unique treasures you would find here!

By the way, I wish the city had some type of flea market. Not like Super Flea, but more like the Springville Auction in the summer time.

Anonymous said...

Architects can learn from this- less is more. A beauty.