Queen City Farm - House for Sale...

This single family home, located at 165 Glenwood Avenue is for sale.
One of my neighbors has owned the house for the past 10 years and is interested in holding a small mortgage for the full sale price. It's a four bedroom house, assessed at 12K. It's located on the Queen City Farm block.

If you are interested, please let me know.
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Unknown said...

D, can you post some interior shots or are you able to offer a tour?

fixBuffalo said...

Sorry, the place is still rented. So it's hard, no tours.

Mechanicals are good. Place will need lots of cosmetics. Kitchen and bath updates, too.

Very cool terms!

Anonymous said...

looks cozy

any idea about the current asking price?

Philippines properties for sale said...

Want to see interior shots too.

Angelo H