Saying Goodbye?

Went back today on bike tour with fixBuffalo readers and took another look at some of my favorite spots on East Utica. I first started posting about East Utica in April after walking the street from Michigan to Humboldt Parkway in late March. fixBuffalo readers may remember this post from April and the follow up with a flickr slideshow. David Steele, BuffaloRising contributor and Chicago based architect wrote a compelling piece about 194 East Utica after seeing my first pics and swapping countless e-mails. Why is this House Doomed? - contains a short slide show you won't want to miss with music, well just listen for yourself. Comments, too.
194 East Utica
Today, with a re-awakened interest in the architectural detail that houses on East Utica and the surrounding area present, we stopped for a few minutes and admired 194. You'll quickly notice that the curved ornamental glass window has been swiped. Here's what it looked like in April, right here. The rear door had been forced open, here allowing all sorts of additional detail from this amazing place to disappear into the broad day light.

The City of Buffalo is still the owner of record here at 194 East Utica [google map]. If you are interested in making this place your home I'll do everything I possibly can to help you navigate the maze of shaking 194 from the City's hands and placing it in yours. If you plan to live here, I'll help you make the case with the City to get this house into your hands for $1 - let me know. Tours of 194 and the neighborhood, on request.

flickr slideshow - 194 East Utica, April 2006. See also 557 East Utica, between Celtic Place and Humboldt Parkway.
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Anonymous said...

I have driven by this house and imagined what it looked like in its day...This house CAN NOT be demolished... This is worthy of saving no matter what,I can imagine it painted cream,burgundy and hunter green..the detail is amazing..This property should of been mothballed long ago, Windows & anything else "walkable" removed for safe keeping and a secure board up done!We can not let this beautiful victorian end up in a landfill somewhere.. Im calling city hall today and going to talk to everyone I can about it!I had no idea it was on the demo list! We have to find someone to take it...no matter what!

fixBuffalo said...


I appreciate your perspective on this one. Problem is we are only talking with one another on the long-term viability of a project such as this. Deal is we have to reach others...if they can be reached.

Way to many people are stuck smack in their self-imposed comfort zones and refuse to even think of a project like this as something which is possible.

It's all part of that "I'm just comfortable in with my own" mindset preventing people from experiencing something else.

As we both know this house is located on a major bus route, directly across the street from a City school and a two blocks away from the City's newest library.

Talk. No action brings us to our current impasse...Want me to continue?

Anonymous said...

I always say there are some battles that we need to fight and some to walk away from... This house if put in another area would never look like this..It pisses me off to no end that it is acceptable on the East Side! People HAVE to stand up & Fight so this doesnt continue to happen..Im going to start actively promoting this property too ...