Artspace Investment Impact - Part III

I've been keeping track of Artspace announcements over here in the Artspace Archive for the last 14 months. Recently I posted some breaking news about how the City is treating related planning efforts in the Artspace Impact Area and I followed it up a few weeks ago with Part - II.

Here's Part III. It relates directly to housing, planning and investment opportunities in the area surrounding Artspace. I met über urban planner Stevan Stipanovich in the computer lab at BSC today. He passed along a few files including this poster outlining what's coming down...(it's not even back from the printer yet!)
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Stevan spent hours preparing this poster. When you see him at meetings make sure to ask him about light-rail transit ideas and the longterm implications for smart urban growth here in Buffalo. When you read the report - Midtown - Poised for Renaissance make sure to pay special attention to the row house development.  Stevan outlines in the section about 'Alvin's Alley' a short connector between Dodge and Southampton. Way cool...
The companion document to Steven's poster is Chris Hawley's definative report on Midtown and the area surrounding Artspace - Midtown - Poised for Renaissance. Check it out and share it with friends considering the move from the 'burbs back to Buffalo!

The plan has defined broad goals for the neighborhood to be pursued by public and private partners:

1. reinforce tightly-knit, urban streetscapes
2. provide gap financing for new home construction and rehabilitation
3. create new small business opportunities along walkable retail corridors
4. preserve and reuse resources important to the history and character of the neighborhood
5. enhance neighborhood densities through quality infill development
6. identify neighborhood regreening strategies and public space opportunities
7. add new and distinctive streetscape amenities
8. provide a staging ground for arts-related neighborhood improvements
9. encourage bicycle and transit use
10. solidify the unique image and sense of place inherent to the Midtown district
I'll be adding hyperlinks and pictures to this report. It's long, well written and provides the high level of detail that may trigger the addtional private sector investment needed in Midtown, Buffalo's newest destination on the near East Side.
Let me know if you want to join in the Saturday tour.  We meet across the street from Coe Place at the Sonic Cafe.  
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