23,000 and Still Counting...

While perusing the National Vacant Properties Campaign website I found this item which may be of some interest to readers of Fix Buffalo Today...
Buffalo LISC, with support of the city and county governments, submitted a request for a regional assessment of vacant properties issues ­ including the depth of the problem and existing systems and policies in place to address it ­ and is hoping to foster broad regional collaboration around finding solutions through the assessment process. There are approx. 23,000 parcels of vacant land and abandoned properties in city of Buffalo alone. In the region, there are another 16,000 vacant and abandoned properties. The Campaign will provide an evaluation of the existing policies, programs, and laws that are currently in place at the local, county and state levels, and provide constructive critiques of those practices and a comparison of the region's existing systems with proven best practices from other cities confronting similar vacant property challenges. The estimated value of this technical assistance is $50,000. (July-August 2005)
LISC - Buffalo under Michael Clark's leadership is stepping to the plate and offering assistance and expertise in helping the people of the City of Buffalo manage 'decline.' Make sure to visit their site and especially the LISC Online Resource Library for additional information about all sorts of important community development issues.

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