A Match Made in Perrysburg!

While sleuthing around City Hall today, I happened to obtain a copy of the file containing supporting documents filed by various parties who are concerned about the JN Adam deal to Trathen on January 11th.

I learned that the Western New York Land Conservancy (WNYLC) met with Tom Trathen from the The Trathen Group, this past December. They were impressed with his operations and demonstrated commitment to good forestry practices, farming and wildlife habitat. I spoke with Amy Holt, the Executive Director today about continue reading...

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Craig Howard said...

It's really infuriating to see Buffalo's "leaders" ignoring an issue like this. The Perrysburg property means nothing to Buffalo but it means quite a bit to the residents of Perrysburg.

Not too long ago, Perrysburg was part of Buffalo's "city region." Its citizens likely worked in Buffalo or gained their livelihood by trading with Buffalo. It's all changed now.

Buffalo's economic decline has set the rural areas surrounding it adrift. It's up to the Perrysburgs now to scramble to find a way to make their livings without a strong urban economy in the center.

Buffalo loses nothing by the sale of the J.N. Adam site. Perrysburg stands to gain everything -- its mere survival.