Fillmore Avenue: Bulb-outs and bicycle lanes

Bulb-outs, bicycle lanes, and other street improvements are coming to Fillmore Avenue. This would have been unimaginable only eight or nine years ago, before Mayor Byron W. Brown came into office.

IMG 3183

During Brown's administration, the City adopted New York State's first complete streets ordinance, and everywhere improvements are being made to the City's streets, this policy is being implemented. The Green Code, a comprehensive rewrite of Buffalo's land use and zoning policies, intends to take this policy even further. Today we have a policy to do complete streets; when the new code is adopted, Buffalo will have a policy on how to do complete streets.

The Fillmore Avenue Streetscape Project represents a $2.2 million investment by the City. Bravo to Mayor Byron Brown and advocates such as Go Bike Buffalo for bringing about this culture change in City Hall. Pedestrian and bicycle investments will add so much value, especially on the city's East Side.

See also:  fixBuffalo Fillmore Avenue photo set.


Anonymous said...

Byron Brown is a turd. He is the epitome of Buffalo's satisfaction with mediocrity and small mindedness.

This post is a real disgrace considering this blog formerly dealt with private citizens speaking truth to power.

Anonymous said...

That's not a fair statement. I've been a longtime reader of this blog and appreciate that the author gives credit to the City where it's due, and calls the City out when necessary.

That said, I stopped by the check out the improvements on Fillmore. They're great, and I can't wait for the bike lanes. I do hope the City never, ever uses that ridiculous tint and pattern in the sidewalk concrete. As far as I can tell, those details weren't set in stone when this blog's author took these images.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time anyone bicycles down Fillmore or took a nice walk to look at all the empty lots.