Glenny Drive: End of the road

The Glenny Drive housing projects, built in 1954 and abandoned in 1981, are finally coming down (Google map). The first of six, 7-story towers is being carted to the landfill by Apollo Dismantling Services of Niagara Falls, NY.


The Glenny projects, also known as the Kensington Towers, are to Buffalo what Pruitt-Igoe was to St. Louis and Cabrini-Green was to Chicago, and now joins these two icons of the urban renewal era as they're swept into the dustbin of history.


The site is slated for a senior living continuum care facility to be developed by Centerstone Development with a $5 million New York State subsidy. Centerstone is headed by Buffalo-based attorney John Giardino.   


Jefferson Humboldt said...

Nice to see a new post! More "Seeing Buffalo" soon?
I've been by a couple times since they started. What is the green stuff around the edges?
If you haven't seen it, there's a documentary "The Pruitt-Igoe Myth" that's definitely worth a watch.

Ethecker said...

Im glad to see you back! I check this blog often! Usually I hate to see buildings torn down in Buffalo but its better that these come down and something viable goes up.

Buffalo Resurrection said...

The assisted living project will probably never happen; the whole concept was based on being an extension of the ECMC Medical Campus Remediation Project which, as we all know, is already in full swing and near completion.

Gary B said...

At what point is enough- enough on the demolitions? This one is understood but it seems too much beauty that WAS Buffalo is also suffering.

Atlantic Developments said...

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