Gillian Brown: Getting into Housing Court - Part II

The outcome of today's City Court race is critical for Buffalo.   I've recently written about the reasons why Gillian Brown is the clear choice over at Buffalo Rising - Gillian Brown: Getting to Housing Court.  In reference to a recent Artvoice post,  Woody Brown, Gillian's son - a recent City Honor's graduate and Senior Class President - posted the following on my facebook. 
Check out this latest article urging you to vote for my father, Gillian Brown, for City Court tomorrow. According to Geoff Kelly, "He’s well known in Democratic circles, well liked, and has the energy of a lot of younger progressive activists who are taken by his desire to continue Nowak’s legacy of reform and innovation in the city’s housing court." And as David Torke put it so economically, "Among the six candidates for four slots on city court in Tuesday’s election, Nowak has a natural successor: Gillian Brown."
In the event that you haven't seen Gillian's thirty second TV spot, here's the buzz:

During the recent National Trust Conference, held last month in Buffalo, NY - former Housing Court Judge Henry Nowak spoke during a session about the role of Housing Court in building a more resilient Buffalo.  The case study involved Essex Street on the City's West Side and the positive role a progressive and reform-minded housing court can make in helping to stabilize an emerging neighborhood.

Former Housing Court Judge Henry Nowak - National Trust Conference - Buffalo, NY

Here's the podcast of Judge Nowak's presentation.  The last portion of the audio file include's a q&a with Jeremy Clifton, former Housing Director, Westminster Economic Development Initiative and Ronald Oakerson, Professor of Political Science, Houghton College, Houghton, NY.  If you are interested in the important role of Housing Court in helping to build a better Buffalo, this audio podcast provides significant insight in how this process is achieved.

Gillian Brown is the only candidate for City Court who has embraced former Housing Court Judge Nowak's reforms and if elected is capable of extending these important policies.  Listen to the podcast and distribute this post to your family, friends and colleagues before they go to the polls today.    
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