Tour de Agros - East Side by Bike!

The city's East Side is being transformed, vacant lot by vacant lot. In the last two years parts of Buffalo's urban prairie has been transformed into urban farms. If you're curious and have ever wondered what this development means for the City, join me on Saturday June 19th for the first Tour de Agros!

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We'll meet at the Sonic Cafe, across from Artspace for a 10am departure. Our three hour route will loop through the City's East side. We'll stop at three urban farms. You'll have a chance to talk with some of the most dedicated city residents who are committed to transforming the city - Caesandra Seawell/Buffalo ReUse - Daniel Ash at Southampton & Masten and our last stop will include the Wilson Street Farm and a visit with Mark and Janice Stevens. Between the three scheduled stops - we'll also take time to examine the urban prairie.

Previous bicycle tours have focused on the City's neglected heritage structures - Tour de Neglect. The new focus on urban agriculture here in Buffalo reflects a wider trend in other urban centers. Here's the map.


group pic - Tour de Neglect
Please make certain your bicycle is in good working condition. You may want to bring the following - water, some snack food, camera and a few bags as you may want to take a few moments to pick and pay for some fresh vegetables along the way.

Date/time: Saturday June 19th - 10am

Meet-up: Sonic Cafe, across from Artspace.

A $10 donation will be collected and given to St. Luke's Mission of Mercy on Sycamore Street. There's no pre-registration necessary. See you on the 19th!

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea for a bike tour, David. I will be out of town on the 19th, but I would seriously consider it if you added a second date. I am among the many who miss the Tour de Neglect!

karima said...

Do we need to register for this or just show up?

stephenjames716 said...

:( I will be out of town this weekend....and really hope that you are able to organize another one of these bike tours sometime this summer.

Anonymous said...


Lesterhead said...

Wish I was in town for this! A coworker of mine actually WILL be in Bflo this wknd, so I sent her the info (she's a city planner and avid biker). My aunt is also very involved with St. Luke's, so I'm glad to see your support.

Having another on July 17 by chance?

fix buffalo said...

I'd like to add some weekday/evening tours during the next few months. In addition to these farms, there are a number of other spots - including CUFF, Queen City Farm and the Broadway Market gardens - to see.

Looks like great weather, bring water and make sure your bike is in good shape!

smilesandlight said...

Tried to catch up w/ you all the last hour but found myself smack dab in the middle of the June Teenth Parade as I biked down Northhampton to Filmore thru MLK Humbolt Park. Made the Wilson Street Urban Farm a little after 1:00PM and must've just missed the bikers but got some great shots of that Urban Farm and uploaded some to FaceBook-- Click Here they're Public. Would definitely look forward to additional Urban Farm cycling tours.. great idea!

Anonymous said...

Did the author of this blog die??

Just Let It Go said...

Fix Buffalo, I am moving to Buffalo some time in this next year and I would like to be friends with you. This is a very cool blog. I have so many questions to ask you. I'm going to buy some investment properties when I get there. What neighborhood should I start in? I want to make money, but I also want to make a positive impact on the community. Spruce up the place, grow some lovely gardens, ect.

fix buffalo said...

Just let it go - please email me when you have a moment - thanks, davidtorke@gmail.com