The Engel House - What Remains?

An emergency demolition order was issued less than 48 hours after an early morning blaze devastated the Engel House - 194 East Utica.
The Engel House - 194 East Utica
What remains - the Engel House
According to the Department of Inspections City residents spent $21.8K to demolish the structure. This included $3k for asbestos removal (20 sqft of floor tile and 75' of pipe insulation). The remains will be sent to a landfill next week.
See the Queen City Farm archive for additional information and a few interior (2/2007) and exterior (4/2006) pics - here.
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Anonymous said...

Nothing was able to be removed? That stone porch at least must has been worth some money no?


Anonymous said...

Dumb city. The money spent demoing the house would have been a nice start for a new owner's rehab project.

Leah Marie said...

Such a shame. Now all that sits there is an empty lot. I'd like to know what they are going to do with that. :(

who wants to start a demo company ? said...

3K for asbestos removal ?

Dan said...

I know. The figure seems shocking. About 500 square feet of asbestos flooring was removed from the basement of a house I owned in suburban Cleveland when a pipe burst a few years back. (Yes, I lived in it at the time.) The "hazmat team" consisted of two guys with scrapers. They didn't even wear masks. Asbestos flooring, from what I understand, is far less prone to loose-floating fibers than asbestos insulation. I'm probably wrong, though.

STEEL said...

What a blight...The plastic house in the background that is.

Our country is basically stupid. The historic and artistic and human heritage that has been thrown out in favor of garbage is plain disgusting