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See Shooting Buffalo for more about this series and my flickr for additional pics of Buffalo, NY. I'm collecting this daily series of pics - here.
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olcott_beach said...

This is a real challenge even for someone with a background in structural drafting and design.

Definitely a commercial building that was required to hold a great deal of weight. The smaller open “pockets” on the brick columns or pilasters must have been for timbers (floor joists) but the open vertical slots must have been continuous foundations.

Perhaps a grain elevator or silo of some sort?

Name that building?

stephenjames716 said...

wow, really nice shot...where is this exactly?

biniszkiewicz said...

my guess is a train trestle, perhaps near the NFTA terminal at the Buffalo river. Maybe near South Park/Michigan?

Dan said...

I'm thinking along with "Tarboat", that this was a small coke oven. The discolorations from heat are all over it, and the narrow passageways and hollows are classic coke oven design.

Michael R. Allen said...

Ah, coke ovens!