Sickamore Village - Part II

Chris, aka 'WestCoastPerspective' for readers of BuffaloRising, tipped me off to a July 2004 Buffalo News article by Phil Fairbanks about Sickamore Village.
"These partially completed homes on Sycamore Street were constructed on land contaminated with lead, mercury and chromium. City officials say contamination levels exceed state standards for new housing."
Here's the full article from July 2004 and the full text from Lexis/Nexis if you can't read the newsprint. Seems like someone, New York State or the City of Buffalo, is spending close to 1 million on dirt, stone and a few tarps to clean the site. I wonder who owns these three houses. No house numbers and the new property lines don't show up on City maps.

This is all I could find doing a google search on "Sycamore Village and Buffalo" that pertains to the site, here and here. A Lexis/Nexis search of the Buffalo News only revealed the July 2004 story from Phil Fairbanks.
The Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency is to receive $720,000 to review historic operations on a 3-acre sitein Sycamore Village at the intersection of Sycamore Street and Jefferson Avenue.
This seems like a significant development, and I would think the Brown administration would be all over this development as a successful example of brown-field development and remediation. Nothing...

Would you buy one one of these houses? Was the case against Dennis Penman and MJ Peterson ever settled? Anyone....love to know.

I'll follow up and take pictures of the new lawns that are sure to be rolled out some time real soon. Let's see if any of the trees that might be planted here are placed in holes that are deeper than the "clay cap".
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BuffaloRox said...

I recall that the homeowners were compensated but don't remember by whom. I have not heard whether or/and how with the dispute between MJ Peterson and the city was resolved. A couple of the houses still are boarded up rather than being demolished.

WestCoastPerspective said...

None of the homes were completed, thus no one was bought-out. There may have been buyers for these first three homes started though and they likely ended up buying a home on a different lot in Home Zone.

BRox- You may be thinking of Hickory Woods- same situation but the contamination wasn't found until after the homes were lived in. That 'settlement' is still in the works.