Woodlawn Row Houses 2/2006 Update...

Here's the latest pics showing the long slow demoltion by neglect of a City of Buffalo owned local-landmark. These row houses are significant as they represent one of three examples of rowhouses here on the City's near East side. Check out this 1926 map of the neigborhood and all the rowhouses. The fact that they are wide open and directly accross the street from the future home of Performing Arts High School should be a concern all of Buffalo.

The fact that NYS in conjunction with the Buffalo Board of Education will be spending 28 million dollars beginning this June in the renovation of a new signature school seems to warrant some attention to this decaying example of our architectural heritage.
Woodlawn Rowhouses - 2/2006

DSCN2594 DSCN2595 DSCN2596
DSCN2597 Woodlawn Rowhouses - 2/2006 Woodlawn Rowhouses - 2/2006
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The last little pic on the right, click it, and you'll see evidence of the gas company digging up and removing the gas line to the buiding. I observed them doing this last week. If I didn't know better, I'd think that was an indication of demo plans...anyone know?

The mild winter has not been kind to the Woodlawn Row Houses. As you can see the lovely blue vinyl siding is falling off, probably due to wind damage. (A building permit was issued for the installation of this siding, despite the "land-mark" designation by the Preservation Board. See copy of the building permit.) Warm weather has brought out the vandals, too. The rear door is wide open. As I tried to seal it today, my foot went thru the rotted porch floor. And the window that I had re-boarded just two weeks ago has been pried open again.

There are four additonal houses right here in the neighborhood and less than a block away from the school that are wide open...it's hard to keep-up with my boarding efforts.

If you are new to this blog, I've been keeping track of the long slow demolition by neglect of this City owned local landmark for two years, since March 2004. Here the pics and past posts.

If you are an out-of-town investor and have reached me thru a Craigslist posting...e-mail and I will make arrangements for a neighborhood tour!

Have you forgotten about the petition? Please consider signing it. Thanks.
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